Vancouver, Where It All Began. . .

Gastown, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

I would like to take a moment to pay tribute to Gastown, the birthplace of present-day Vancouver, Canada.  This image, taken from the intersection of Cordova, Water, and Richards Streets, is where I discovered the magic and interminable delight of night-time photography in late November 2008.  If I had been asked at that time if I ever knew I would assume the challenge of starting my own small photography business, I would have scoffed at the notion and dismissed it as preposterous. Exactly a year later, when my business certificates arrived from the City of Seattle, I was in a bit of a stupor.  Things have never been the same, but capturing those light trails in Gastown always stays fresh in my mind.

Every time I visit Vancouver, I return to this spot, most recently in November 2011 with my father.   When I told him the story, he was so proud (I think he’s always been more excited about my photography than myself, to tell you the truth), he insisted that I take a photo of him at the same spot, acknowledging what a momentous and special landmark that was for my journey on this planet.  I would like to give a special “thank you” to my family and friends who have always believed in my creative talents since I was a child.

As I mentioned recently to some friends, my life would really be a mess without photography.  I do like to share my work, and I enjoy the feedback, but I realize now that taking photos, making photos, processing photos, and sharing them are all methods of maintaining my own peace of mind.  Without photography, there is a disruptive discord that leaves a bitter taste in my mouth, an anarchy in my psyche.  With photography, however, I can always maintain an equilibrium that makes life enjoyable, interesting, and worthwhile.  This is part of the reason why Vancouver, aside from being the marvelous city that it is, truly means so much to me.   I am much more appreciative of these blog entries (compared to a week ago!) because writing these thoughts have enlightened my point of view in regards to my own behavior and outlook.  I now understand, for example, that I don’t love Vancouver just for being Vancouver, a fun city with friendly people.  It’s much, much more than that.  I love the city for what took place there.  I love Vancouver because my experience with night-photography literally changed my life for the better, and it couldn’t have happened in a better city.  See you soon, Vancouver.  I’ll always come back to you.

“Ablaze & Beyond” - Vancouver, BC, Canada

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